Pilot Project FAQ

In collaboration with Faxe Forsyning A/S and the Technical University of Denmark (DTU), Aqubiq is developing an intelligent water meter for private households. The intelligent water meter is based on a simple hypothesis: better data means less water used. In the pilot project the water meter is tested on a number of volunteering homes in Faxe Forsynings utility area. Participants get the opportunity to test the water saving effect and to shape the development of the intelligent water meter, so that it creates as much value as possible for the regular consumer. On this page, you will find the most important information about the project.

What do I get out of participating?

In the four month project period, you will have access to detailed information about your water consumption. This will give you new insight into your habits and enable you to save water - for the benefit of the environment and your ecomony. As a participant in the project you will also have the possibility to shape the development and design of the intelligent water meter.

What requirements are there for participating?

To participate, we must be able to install our prototype on your water pipes. It should be installed inside your house and should be able to connect to your wireless network.

It must be possible for us to install and service the water meter. It is required that we have access to your house at least twice; at installation and dismantling of the prototype, and preferrably also a few times in between if adjustments are needed. This will of course happen when agreed upon with you.

It is also important that you have some interest in the project. We hope to get your feedback on the product at least a few times during the project. This can be written, over the phone or face-to-face.

What are you installing?

We are installing our prototype, which is a digital flowmter, clamped on to your water pipes. The flow meter will be connected to your wireless network or a mobile network. The prototype requires connection to electricity.

Who will have access to my consumption data?

We take your privacy very seriously. You will have access to your own data via your phone or computer. The data will also be accessible to Aqubiq. We will use it to develop our software and gain a deeper insight into consumption behaviour with the goal of helping save water. We will never publish or sell your data to a third party.

Must the water be turned off at any time?

No. Our solution is 100 % non-invasive and there will be no need to cut in the pipes or turn off the water supply to the house. The prototype will be mounted on the outside of the pipes.

I have an unanswered question.

If you have any more questions you are very welcome to contact Peter Nørtoft on e-mail peter.nortoft@aqubiq.com or phone 22354109. We look forward to hearing from you!