Watch DripView in action on TV

Together with DR TV and Bolius, we had the pleasure of helping a very dedicated family in their fight against water waste using DripView. You can watch their impressive results and how they used DripView in the "money magazine" Penge: Pris på vand.

DripView Sensor Box

Take control of your water consumption with DripView

DripView from Aqubiq helps you save water and prevent water damages in your home. The smart water sensor gives you the full overview of your water consumption. To help your household save 15% water, and to warn you in case of leakages in your house. So you can live a greener and safer life.

DripView App

The brain for your household's water

DripView is a smart water sensor comprised of a simple sensor device, some advanced software algorithms, and an intuitive app. The system can tell you how much water the appliances in your home actually use: washing machine, shower, toilet etc. It will also warn in case of leaks in your house - 24/7. In this way, you will know what to do to reduce consumption and prevent damages. Our solution is based on the newest technology in both hardware and software. And to ensure your privacy, we have built it all on protected data storages and secured connections.


A single sensor device mounted on top your existing water meter registers the consumption in high resolution.


Intelligent algorithms analyse the data in the cloud to categorise the consumption and monitor for leakages in your home


The app for iOS and Android gives you full overview of the water consumption in your home, from anywhere at anytime.

A smart path for a greener lifestyle




With a user friendly interface through our app, you get the full picture of your household's water consumption



You can set our own ambitious goals for your water consumption and compare it  directly to others



Through inspirational nudging and personalised advice on consumption, you can easily save 10-20% water



With real time monitoring you are warned immediately in case of leakages or suspicious usage in your home 24/7

Save water to give water

Water scarcity is a growing problem on a global scale. More than 650 million people live without access to clean water around the World. While this is happening, most Danes take water for granted when the tap is opened at home. This is a paradox. Aqubiq has decided to donate 15% of our profit to charity organisations working with sustainable water programs. In this way your water savings at home can actually contribute to ensuring access to clean water for people in critical need of water.

Development through partnerships

Supported by a range of Danish and Europens funds and project - Innovation Fund Denmark, Climate-KIC, the Green Entrepreneur House, Alexander Foss' Industrial Fund, Green Tech Challenge, Danish Tech Challenge and Accelerace - Aqubiq is developing the intelligent water metering technology. In collaboration with Faxe Forsyning A/S, Roskilde Festival and the Technical University of Denmark, our solution has been tested in pilot projects in Haslev, Roskilde and Lyngby.

Faxe Forsyning A/S

We are Aqubiq

The company behind DripView is Aqubiq. Aqubiq is a green tech startup focused on water. We were formed as a startup from the Technical University of Denmark, and we are built up of both young entrepreneurs and seasoned researchers. We are driven by a vision of a World with access to clean water for everyone. Our mission is deliver innovative solutions within water metering that changes how water is consumed around the World.

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